Stolen Series

Thank You



Brooklyn Windows


stolen series

1 year = 1 minute of color

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thank you series

ink on paper

18 x 24"

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durag series

digital paintings

Past Curfew
Brooklyn Kid


pastel, ink and graphite


chaos series

digital painting


brooklyn windows

digital paintings

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shine hoodie

for playboy

Words from Playboy:


As a company that’s been committed to providing a forum for creatives to express themselves with total freedom, regardless

of race, gender or sexual orientation for

67 years, we were inspired by Brandon’s thoughtful approach to storytelling and his ability to amplify issues and celebrate joy in the Black community from a point of view that’s both realistic and hopeful. 


The artist's ability to distill complex ideas in an insightful way is reflected in his first design for Playboy. He describes his inspiration for the playful artwork as, "The unmatched joy of dancing, and the connection between two souls moved by music is both therapeutic and electric. I was inspired by Black people dancing as protest amidst all the darkness, creating a moment of their own love, protection and shine."


** All proceeds of this product are donated directly back to the artist.**

AB  x  partynextdoor

custom Levis jacket


Custom Levis jacket for PARTNEXTDOOR available via NTWRK app. Proceeds support Black Music Action Coalition, an organization working to dismantle racism in the music industry.


Illustrations for Audubon Society


The essay urges us to examine John James Audubon’s legacy and how we must stay critical of those who we put on a pedestal. For those who aren’t familiar with John James Audubon, he is widely respected for his life long quest to document all of the continent’s birds in the 19th century. He was an incredible painter and ornithologist, but he was also a slaveholder and upheld white supremacist views. For these pieces, I focused on what a more honest depiction of his work looks like. Essay here.

Portraits for Amazon Prime Video Black History Month