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This series is dedicated to the many Black people that were robbed of their lives at the hands of the police. I use time as a medium to define how long each portrait is colored in. 1 year of life = 1 minute of color. 

For example, Tamir Rice was 12 when he was murdered, so I colored his portrait for 12 minutes.


For each of these portraits I played with the harsh relationship between time and death. I want the viewer
to see how much empty space is left in these lives, stories that will never be told, space that can never be filled. This emptiness represents holes in their families and our community, who will be forever stuck with the question, “who were they becoming?” This series touches on grief and the unknown.​

11 x 14" - Ink and graphite on paper

Photos from "A Sea We Must Wade" 

Biola University 2022

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