Windows have always captured my interest since moving to Brooklyn. Seeing a sliver into peoples spaces allowed my imagination to grow and build stories of their lives. The lighting, curtains, music, plants, posters, etc. all giving the window its own personality. Since most of us don't have yards here, windows are our only way to interact with the outside from home. Solid lighting and windows are crazy valuable in NY. Over the years, I've witnessed such a range of things from my own window. From marching band practices, to hella dramatic breakups, to Double-Dutch competitions. Right now during everything, looking out my window brings me comfort. Seeing my neighbors' lights on reminds me that we are all in this together.

These illustrations are meant to show how isolating these times are during COVID-19. The composition highlights that. The simple colors representing how simple our days can feel, but they're layered with this moody energy, meant to capture the complexity of this situation. Just like these pieces, you see a slice of their lives but do not know the whole story. I think that's so important to remember. Your neighbor, father, best friend, co-worker... While we are all experiencing this together we are all having different experiences. Act with your heart and be safe out there.